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Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, are nutrient-packed nuts derived from the Corylus genus. They come in various forms, with in-shell and kernel (without shell) being the primary distinctions. In-shell hazelnuts offer a protective layer that preserves freshness, while kernels are favoured for convenience in cooking and snacking.
Turkey stands as the largest producer of hazelnuts globally, contributing nearly 70% of the world's supply. The country's Black Sea region, with its ideal climate and fertile soil, provides the perfect conditions for hazelnut cultivation. Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Italy, and Spain are also significant players in the hazelnut market, each with its unique offerings. Azerbaijan's hazelnuts are renowned for their large size and rich flavour, while China and India emphasize organic cultivation methods.
The demand for hazelnuts from these countries is driven by their superior quality and distinct taste profiles. Turkish hazelnuts are particularly sought after for their unique combination of sweetness and crunchiness, making them a staple in confectioneries and culinary applications. The versatility of hazelnuts, coupled with their nutritional benefits, has led to a global demand that continues to grow, with these key countries playing pivotal roles in meeting consumer needs.