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Login into your personal dashboard.

Submit Your Enquiry

Select on a Specific Product that you want and fill the form regarding it.


Different Offers from various sellers for that product will be visible to the buyer. He can negotiate the price with his selected seller.


Login into your personal Dashboard

Post Your Offer

Post offers of the stock that you have and can also quote prices of any inquiry submitted by the buyers.

Counter Negotiation

Once selected by buyer and Mega grain for that particular product ,you can counter negotiate the prices offered by the buyer.

Placing Order

Once the deal has been accepted by buyer, seller and Megagrain, then a TRADE CONFIRMATION will be sent to both buyer and seller and the process of shipment will start.

Payment Terms

As per the confirmation PI and CONTRACT will be uploaded on the portal by seller and ADVANCE PAYMENT’S SWIFT COPY will be shared by the buyer.

Product Inspection and Documentation

Once the cargo is ready and is about to be loaded then inspection of goods will be done by Megagrain and all the pre shipment documents will be verified by buyer,seller and Megagrain.

Product Delivery and Payment

All the required documents and the goods will be delivered to the buyer by the seller and balance payment will be given by buyer to the seller as per the payment terms.